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Who we are

Who we are

We are a small team of designers, engineers, digital artists, machinists and fabricators. Our team can rise to any challenge and get your prototype manufactured. Our group has a combination over 30 years experience in different fields related to “Making things Materialize”.

Our approach

Whether you have a refined idea, or nothing more that a thought in your head, we can bring the project to life. We have a complete lineup of tools to make this work possible. We will use our expertise to get first off, tested and into production.

30 years of creating

Over the decades, our team has learned their unique specialties. We combine this knowledge base into every project we take on. Our expanding portfolio of projects will be featured on the Blog page.

Our commitment to you.

We will always find ways to improve your project. We will deliver it to you in the timeframe that is agreed to. We will exceed your expectations on functionality. We will continuously improve your product until it is the best it can be.